News Updates

20 March 2012: A very intense storm passed through Townsville in the early hours of the morning (around 5:10am) bringing with it winds in excess of 100 kph in some areas. A destructive EF2 Tornado touched down in the Suburb of Vincent damaging approximately 60 homes in the process. Veteran Storm Chaser in Townsville, Shane Wlliams was there and has shared his remarkable photos which can be found here.

070212: Thunderstorms south of Townsville put on a nice lightshow. Took a few photos from Bushland Beach as the storm headed toward the coast.

27 January 2012: Please remember to join our facebook page for the very latest updates click Here.

3 January 2012: New photos added click Here.

1 January 2012: Happy new year to all. Thank you for your continuing support in 2012.

25 December 2011: Merry Christmas to all. Have a safe and prosperus new year.

20 December 2011: Some website enhancements finalised.

20 December 2011: Monsoon season is ramping up big time now. Lows in the Coral Sea, off the N.T coast and W.A.

16 December 2011: Removed Weather Forums. Too difficult to maintain and remove spam.

12 December 2011: Woodstock Severe Storms intercept photos can be found Here.

11 December 2011: Intercepted some nice storms today. The best by far was the Bushland Beach and Northern Beaches storm. frequent lightning made for some great photo opportunities. Check them out Here.

10 December 2011: The Collinsville Storm Chase photos have been uploaded to the Facebook Page. They will be uploaded to the site soon. Mazing lightning and heavy rain. 6 storms intercepted.

6 December 2011: A few storm cells popped up this afternoon however they were short lived. Most cells exploded quickly and dissipated just as fast. I managed to photograph one storm. The photos can be found Here.

4 December 2011: Good rainfall across the Townsville region today associated with a trough and upper system. Most areas received around 30mm of rain, other areas a little more. Officially, Townsville AP received 45mm at the time of writing this. This daily recorded rainfall was the highest since 1 April 2011. Remember to keep up with the latest on our Facebook fan page and subscribe to our weather forum too. Take care, Shane.

2 December 2011: We have just launched our all new Weather Forums! Join our discussion forums today!The link is to the right under "Site Navigation"

1 December 2011: The unofficial Cyclone Season begins! An above average cyclone season is tipped for the North. Welcome to our new website design!!!!

30 November 2011: Well it's officially the last day of Spring though you would know it with such humidity and heat during the day. Some moderate convection out near Pentland.

29 November 2011: Good rainfall in some areas around the Whitsunday Region associated with a westward moving trough from the Coral Sea.

20 November2011: The weather has been very quiet lately, an upper trough is due through sometime by the 27th.

1 November2011: Cyclone Season has officially commenced for the 2011 - 12 season. Anyone living on the coast of Queensland should be prepared.

20 October2011: Townsville Skycam HD trials have completed. Overall it was very successful and will continue it's services indefinitely

17 October2011: Don't forget to check out the latest storm chasing photos on our photo gallery main page. Click here to see them.

10 October2011: Commencement of Townsville Skycam HD has started trials.

1 August 2011: Commencement of new web design for this website. Launch date is 1 December 2011.

1 July 2011: Weather has been very quiet this time of the year compared to last year's deluge. Back burning across Mt Stuart is resulting in "black snow" falls over some suburbs.